What are the most difficult to come by cards in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM?

Holo Cards are not intended to be a replacement for Dark Matter or Galaxy Opals, but rather to be more valuable versions of these important items with greater potential value

Holo Cards are not intended to be a replacement for Dark Matter or Galaxy Opals, but rather to be more valuable versions of these important items with greater potential value. It appears that there will be some valuable rewards associated with specific tasks that can only be completed by using Holo versions of certain cards, based on the description provided. Despite my enthusiasm for the concept, I am skeptical about the specifics of the scavenger hunt that will be conducted. The difficulty in obtaining Holo cards, as well as the arduousness of completing the challenges, are both unknowns. According to the answers to either or both of those questions, the level of enjoyment you get out of this latest addition to the MyTeam mode may vary.


Dark Matter and Galaxy Opal were the MyTeam cards with the highest levels in NBA 2K21. With the addition of Holo Cards and professional grades, NBA 2K22 MT Buy will take things to the next level. In addition, the MyTeam mode is undergoing a significant transformation, with bronze and silver cards being phased out entirely, among other changes. Please take a look at the detailed breakdown for each of these areas.

The most valuable cards in MyTEAM are those that are rarest. Rather than just a Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry or a Dark Matter LeBron James, Holo versions of these players may appear in the upcoming NBA 2K22. In Cheap 2K22 MT, every auction-able Player Card will have the chance to become a Holo version if it is opened from the Pack Market before the auction ends. They are the ultimate way to flex your collection and to impress your friends when playing online, so make sure you have one of these in your collection! While Holo Player Cards have the same attributes and badges as their common counterparts, there will be certain Agendas and Lineup rules that will necessitate the use of these rare and special cards in certain situations. When you're sniping on the Auction House, keep an eye out for Holo versions of your favorite players!

For the NBA 2K22 game to be completed in the Meet the Designers fashion quest, you'll have to purchase clothes that the designer you were assigned, Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, or Andrew, would be pleased to see you wearing. First and foremost, the designer you receive is determined by your city affiliation – North Side Knights, Western Wildcats, South City Vipers, and Beasts of the East, to name a few possibilities. It makes no difference which designer you choose or which organization you belong to; the only difference is which store you need to visit to complete the quest successfully. Carlos will serve as an illustration.

First and foremost, you must travel to the neighborhood in which you are affiliated and shop at the clothing store there. Specifically, the Beasts of the East store is where Carlos shops. Simply walk into the store and purchase literally the cheapest item you can find, such as a headband for 1000 VC.

Followed by dressing in the clothes you purchased from the affiliate store and walking down the runway to take part in the fashion show finally, dress up as your character and participate in an NBA game to show off the clothes even more. It is necessary to complete the quest by following these final steps. All there is to it, but whoever designed the mission didn't do a particularly good job of explaining it. Please accept my sincere thanks for reading this guide.


You only need to put on one piece of clothing with an NBA logo, according to the vast majority of participants. If you are already dressed in NBA attire prior to starting the quest, you will not be able to complete it successfully. -Because of this, you must quickly switch to another brand of clothing and then change back into your original outfit again. Luka Doncic Shirt is the second option that you have. Adidas compression shirt and Adidas shorts are two options for this look. It's true that you can put together an entire outfit if you want, but there's no reason to spend the money if you don't want to.