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You will always find that there is a bezel on a dive watch, but do you know why and how to use the bezel to calculate?

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Divers must carry an oxygen tank when diving underwater, and the amount of oxygen is related to the size of the oxygen bottle, so divers will bring a device to measure the amount of oxygen. That's why the diver's watch was created.

The rotating bezel features a dive watch and plays a role in reminding you of the dive time. The rotating bezel marking scale is 15, 30, 45, because the general diving oxygen cylinder can only adhere to 45 minutes, and some are marked with a 60-minute scale. The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, because divers will strictly observe a 15-minute safety stop when ascending to completely release the absorbed nitrogen from the cylinder.

Generally, whenever you rotate the bezel and align 0 with the minute hand during diving, the 0 scale on the bezel aligns with the minute hand, and then you can find out the dive time by checking the movements of the minute hand.

The bevel is typically designed to be unidirectional, ensuring that the calculation time only takes into account more, not less, to prevent misuse and prolong your time out of harm's way. The markings and hands are luminous so it can be clearly read when underwater light is dim, and the size of the hands and markings are intentionally enlarged to make it easier for users to read. The early luminous material was radium (Radiomir), which was discontinued due to excessive radiation. The most commonly used luminous materials now are Super-LumiNova and tritium trachea. Super-LumiNova is a new material that absorbs gamma particles in light to store light and can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours, but the light intensity will decay after a certain period. Watches Manufacturers In China has over 25 years experience in manufacturing all kinds of watches. Custom Watch Supplier is the Key point for good wholesale business relations. Welcome to visit!