Davis has to have great finishing

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Davis has to have great finishing, decent shooting, decent playmaking and world-class inside defence. To have playmaking you need to go with PF. To have adequate shooting you have to 2K21 MT have green on your pie graph, otherwise you will have about 50 and you can shoot only from corners and if you know your shot well. Red/green pie is your option.Physical - we do not know however how strength is significant in 2k21. I enjoy vertical/speed to get bigs, but accounts is also excellent.

Update close shot, forcing dip and standing dip - you will have 7 finishing badges. Will equip big individual contact dunks. Shooting - 3pt, mid selection, free throw. Should be 14 - enough to be able to green everything. Playmaking - that is up to you. If you want really Davis, you can go with post moves. I'd personally go for pass precision and ball handling, and add just a little bit to post moves to have 5 playmaking badges.

Defence - inside, all rebounds, block, lateral quickness. Either move for perimeter defence, or divide the remaining parameters between it and creep. Should have 20 defensive badges.Height - 6'10. Weight - up for you. May go slightly above moderate to possess higher interior defence. Wingspan - max.If you want to go for more finishing rather than playmaking, make him C. Personally, Im not a lover of finishing unless it is possible to equip contact dunks.

ADs really hard to construct - that I made a 6'9 Glass Cleaning Finisher with slasher takeover and maxed shooting, it told me that my build is much like AD but he can not take outside consistently such as AD but the defense and interior game is very much like AD. Or you can do like the OP said and make a glass shooter but will absence on inside match. There is no ideal build for Cheap MT 2K21 him but will have to pick between red with either finishing, shooting, or playmaking and try to balance him based on a preferred play style.