However, it's unclear what the exact circumstances were

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NBA 2K Players Claim They were swindled out of at least $215,000 NBA 2K is a virtual basketball league that allows players to NBA 2K22 MT play against strangers and players using voice chat as well as online play modes.

In March, players reported that the popular @StepBackRack member of the Twitch community known as "Rack," stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Australian and New Zealand communities in an apparent investment scam. Another player, @Raangee, was thought to be involved in the fraud.

YouTuber and streamer Tyceno was the first person to bring to the light of the fraud, which made young gamers part with thousands of dollars in the belief they would earn more. Tyceno wrote "I have good reasons to believe @StepBackRack was behind an illegal pyramid scheme that was uncovered in the NBA 2K Community, where more than $200,000 was taken from vulnerable young people believing they could 'flip their money'."

However, it's unclear what the exact circumstances were. Rack or Buy MT 2K22 Raangee were aware of the scam or whether their handles were compromised. We've tried numerous attempts to reach them but no luck.